Looking for Zoiper alternative?

Zoiper is a softphone to make VoIP calls through your PBX. It comes on all majour platforms but require separate purchases for each platform and provides no synchonization of calls, chats and contacts between devices. Try Ringotel instead.

Why Ringotel is a better alternative to Zoiper?

The Softphones

Modern and feature-rich softphones for all your devices

Ringotel Softphones designed to empower remote workers to better productivity and customer outcomes.

Unlimited connected devices per user
Calls and chats are synced between all your devices
Visual voicemail
Rich team messaging
Automated user provisioning
Contact management and lightweight CRM
More softphone features
Multiple channels connected

The Platform

Built-in powerful provisioning platform

Streamline your softphone deployment via the centralized admin portal or API that gives you the ability to remotely provision, monitor and maintain users’ apps

More control over the users’ apps
Reduce manual setup for users
Keep infrastructure secure without VPN or port-knocking
Professional support team by your side
More platform features
better connectivity and collaboration

Compare Zoiper with Ringotel

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Pricing Ringotel has no upfront costs, the price is €2.49 per user/per month or €24.90 per user/per year, and you can register a single user on any number of your desktop or mobile devices. Zoiper comes with a free plan, but it is not suitable for business use, because its features are very limited. For Zoiper PRO you need to pay upfront a perpetual license for €49.95 per desktop app and you need to purchase mobile apps separately. If you need to use Zoiper on more than one computer, it is recommended to purchase an additional license.
Provisioning With the built-in provisioning platform, softphones configuration can be done remotely via the centralized admin portal or API, so users don’t need to set up their apps manually. Provisioning is a more complex, without centralized administration and requires maintenance of a separate provisioning server. Softphone configuration still requires manual work for each device, like importing contacts, setting up BLFs and dial plan.
Messaging Rich messaging features, like personal and group chats, files and media sharing, video calls, advanced filters and more out-of-the-box. Provides only basic messaging features and requires VoIP server to support SIP SIMPLE.
Synchronization Real-time synchronization of calls, chats and contacts between all user’s devices. Calls and chats are not synchronized between the apps and Zoiper does not have a shared contact list so you need to manage contacts on each device separately.
Security Integrated VoIP tunnel encrypts all communication from/to the Ringotel clients and forward calls to your PBX server from a single IP address, so no need to use VPN or SBC solution to protect your infrastructure. To provide secure connectivity for remote workers, you generally need to implement VPN solution for each remote user or deploy SBC which could be highly complex and expensive.

More reasons to switch to Ringotel

Customizable Messaging Apps

Easy-to-use admin portal with a straightforward setup process that takes less than 5 minutes.

Quick user provisioning via QR codes. Users don’t require to register their account.

Create dial plans with easy and simple rules, like “For all calls with prefix ___ substitute prefix with ___”.

Create shared contacts with a shared activity that sync between all team members who serve the same call queue. So the next time a client reach your office, your colleague will know exactly who’s calling.

Save a context to any call by adding conversation subject and comment. Easily find call records by call subject.

Set various types of call forwarding, like on busy, unregistered, on no answer, unconditional.

Unified up-to-date directory of PBX extensions with real-time statuses and contact details for a one-tap dial.

Ring snooze feature allows postponing a ring signal on the mobile app to avoid distraction during a parallel ringing on the desk phone.

SIP credentials are stored encrypted and never shared with anyone, while users login into their apps with auto-generated passwords.

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