Upgrade your phone system with remote work capabilities

Connect remote workforce with your existing office phone system in less than 10 minutes without changing existing infrastructure.

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Feature-rich Softphones with Team Messaging and Cloud Provisioning

Ringotel easily connects to your existing phone system and empowers your employees to produce better results by giving secure access to relevant information and tools wherever they are.

Mobile-first communications

Advanced call features

Ringotel mobile apps are specifically designed for continuous daily usage and provide reliable and secure communication wherever you are.

Mobile-first communications

Team messaging

High-quality video calls, screen sharing, group messaging, files sharing and much more for productive work.

Mobile-first communications

Lightweight CRM

Get the full context about who you’re talking to with customer profiles, conversations history and centralized contacts directory that sync between all your devices.

Mobile-first communications

Real-time presence

See who is available, busy or offline across all PBX extensions without manual BLF configuration.

Mobile-first communications

Cloud provisioning

Monitor and provision softphones remotely from the easy-to-use admin portal or powerful API.

Mobile-first communications

Secure VoIP tunnel

Make remote working easier and more accessible for PBX users avoiding the necessity of port forwarding, VPN or responsive firewall.

How it works

1 Create an account

Create a free account and access your softphone provisioning portal.

2 Setup your account

Configure softphones settings, then add or import your PBX users (takes less than 5 minutes).

3 Start communicating

Users will receive welcome emails with QR codes and instructions to install and log into the Ringotel apps on their devices.

The Softphones

Better mobility and productivity

With Ringotel Softphones your workplace travels with you. Any device, any place – all capabilities of your Office Phone System at your fingertips.

Audio & Video Calls
Call Transfer, Forwarding and Conferencing
Team messaging
TLS/SRTP encryption
Compliant call recording
Real-time Presence
Visual voicemail
More softphone features
Multiple channels connected

The Platform

Peace of mind to IT and PBX admins

Setup and manage softphone apps via the centralized admin portal or API that gives you the ability to remotely provision, monitor and maintain users’ apps

More control over the users’ apps
Reduce manual setup for users
Keep infrastructure secure without VPN or port-knocking
Professional support team by your side
More platform features
better connectivity and collaboration

Features designed for modern communication

Notification bar with transfer, join a conference and hangup buttons

Advanced call features

Blind/attended transfer, unlimited conferencing, multiple forwarding rules and more.

A part of the app interface with panel and various feature icons

Rich messaging

Private and group messaging, media and files sharing, advanced filters and much more for productive work.

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High-quality audio and video calls

Make high-quality audio and video calls from your mobile or desktop devices.

Web browser's search bar and a part of the web interface with the header stating 'Your connections'

Welcome emails with QR code

Easily onboard new users with automated emails containing instructions and QR codes.

A popup panel with the playback button and a slider

Compliant call recording

Start/stop recording anytime during a call or set up auto-recording to record every call.

Two chat bubbles, one with the missed call notification and the second with playback button and a slider

Visual voicemail

Listen to your voicemails right in the app and be notified about new one with push-notifications.

A push notification panel with the answer and hangup buttons

Push notifications

Never miss a call, message or a voicemail, and save battery life with reliable push-notifications.

Busy Lamp Field (Presence)

Easily see who’s available to talk, who’s busy, and who’s offline.

Lightweight CRM

Get full context about who you’re talking to with customer profiles and conversations history.

better connectivity and collaboration

TLS and SRTP encryption

Ringotel encrypts communication between endpoints using TLS and SRTP protocols. If your organization has specific compliance policies we offer on-premise deployment within your infrastructure.

better connectivity and collaboration

Maximize current Investments

Extend the lifetime and ROI of existing infrastructure by transforming your cloud or on-premise phone system into a mobile-first solution, optimized for remote work and integrated with your cloud business tools.

Leave your existing core technologies unchanged
Get the power of cloud UC solution for a fraction of its cost
Increase privacy and compliance of calls
better connectivity and collaboration

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