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Your phone system in the era of remote work

Easy scalable and flexible solution for your everyday communications in simple mobile and desktop apps.

Designed for better connectivity and collaboration

We know how important is collaboration for the efficiency of your work. In the world of anywhere workers, teams and companies has to be flexible and always stay connected, wherever they are.

Interconnectd globe

Your omnichannel phone system and CRM

Deliver personalized and consistent real-time customer communication across multiple channels, like social networks, messengers, email, phone, live-chat. Ringotel keeps track of every conversation and customer data across every channel within the integrated CRM system.
Ringotel on iPhone and mac

Stay connected whenever you are

With Ringotel mobile and desktop apps you can make and receive audio, video and conference calls, collaborate with your team and communicate with customers thought multiple channels. All in one place.
Easy video and audio calls on iPhone

Collaborate with your coworkers anytime, anyplace

Ringotel’s native apps provide modern messaging experience with features like audio and video calls and conferences, personal and group chats, public channels, file sharing and more.
Ringotel connectivity

Connect you existed phone infrastructure via SIP connection

Ringotel is based on the open standards, so you don’t have to throw away your expressive legacy system – connect it instead!
Advanced analytics

Improve you business performance with advanced analytics

Ringotel helps you control every aspect of your customer service with real-time indicators and detailed chronological statistics, information about queues, customer interactions, user stats and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

Setup your business phone system in 5 minutes

Whether you’re moving to a new office or want to switch your legacy phone system, Ringotel can provide a fast and flexible solution to any communication task.With Rinogtel you can set up a phone system for your company in a mere minutes without any hardware and technical expertise.Get started

Ringotel’s phone system features list

Flexible Call Distribution
You can route calls to everyone in a designated group simultaneously or in a linear order, play custom greetings and place calls in a queue when all employees are busy.
Smart call routing
With Ringotel your incoming calls will be routed to the most qualified employee or employees that can address your customer’s needs.
Conference calls
Collaborate better with unlimited audio and video conference calls. You can have a preset conference group or create a conference on the fly.
Advanced auto-attendant
With a simple and flexible IVR builder you can create any kind of scenarios to provide personalized experience for each customer.
Call records and analitycs
Ringotel gives you full control of your communications with detailed reports, statistics and call recordings.
Flexible call forwarding
Your employees will never miss a call with Ringotel’s flexible call forwarding rules and personal voicemails.
Vectorized VoIP phones
Call groups
Distribute incoming calls among the designated employees with the help of hunting groups, or create a pick-up group to take calls on behalf of a co-worker who is away from their phone.
Vectorized switchboards
Receptionist Switchboard
Your secretary can see the list of employees who can address the callers needs directly in the app and transfer the call with one click.
Vectorized office buildings
Multi-office deployment
Manage your epmloyees communications across multiple offices from one administration interface.
Vectorized shield
Encrypted calls and data
Every call, message or file transferred via Ringotel is encrypted by default using one of the strongest block ciphers available.
GDPR compliant
We’ve designed our platform to meet the requirements of European and US privacy laws, implementing the best practices of security and privacy.
Vectorized profile image with profile info
Built-in CRM features
See the history of all interactions with your customers across every communicaiton channel along with customer profile and contact details.

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