Mobile integration features

Explore features that Ringotel Shell brings to your PBX.

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PBX features in mobile apps

Call transfer (announced/unannounced)

Enables a user to relocate an existing call to another user or external number after or before conferring with the recipient.

Call Forwarding

Redirects a telephone call to another destination, which may be any other extension or external telephone number. You can set forwarding on busy, on no answer, if not registered and unconditional.

Call Hold

Pause the current conversation. When the call is on hold, the other party listens to the music on hold.

Call Waiting

Suspend a telephone call already in progress to accept a second call. You may also switch between calls.

Total and on-demand call recording

Record every call or only specific calls. You can listen call recrods on-demand and share them with colleagues for more productive work.

Add and merge calls

With multiple line calling, you can add a call, switch between calls, and conference multiple calls.

Group Call

In Ringotel apps you can create a group of users and/or external contacts and initiate a conference call anytime with a single button.

Visual Voicemail

All your voicemails are conveniently organized by each contact. You can listen to voicemails anytime via Ringotel apps using your preferred speaker.

DTMF Support

Send DTMF tones during a call using the dial pad in your Ringotel app.

Dial plan

Easily add rules to transform the numbers to be dialed by adding, removing or changing prefixes, substituting numbers or prohibiting calls.


Network switching

Continue conversation when switching from Wi-fi to cellular Internet without establishing a new call.

Works with NATs

Ringotel has integrated TURN-server capabilities for reliable connection behind NAT firewalls, preventing calls with no or one-way audio.


Reliable push-notifications service “wakes up” your phone when a new call or message arrives.

Improved call quality

Ringotel implements the OPUS codec that provides high quality calls even on a slow Internet connection.


Video calls

Make high quality 1-on-1 video calls with your colleagues

Personal & group chats

Initiate personal and group chats with colleagues. Share files photos, audio messages and locations.

Presence control

In Ringotel apps you can see in real-time if your colleagues are available, busy, away or offline.


Privacy of your data

Ringotel encrypts every call, message and file sent between users by default, using the strongest block cipher available.


Ensure the privacy of calls for your employees by allowing communication through their extension over an encrypted connection.

Productivity & Integrations

Lightweight CRM

Keep clients profiles and history of communication conveniently organized in one place so next time you and your colleagues will know exactly who’s calling. Provide call subject and call comment to store a call context.

Easy provisioning

Allows users to easily and securely log in to their Ringotel mobile apps without knowing and entering their SIP credentials.

Third-party integrations

Easy integration with third-party CRMs and business tools and have all the vital information on the palm of your hand Coming soon

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