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  • Advanced call handling (transfer, forwarding, recording, etc).
  • Unlimited devices per user.
  • Automated user provisioning via QR codes.
  • Contact management and lightweight CRM features.
  • Messaging and file sharing.
  • Private group chats and public channels.
  • Video calls and unlimited audio conferences.
  • Email and livechat support.
  • More features


If your business has unique requirements regarding data location, custom integrations or any customization, we would love to hear from you.

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  • On-premise deployment for complete control over your data.
  • Development API for integration with back-office applications.
  • Phone, email and livechat support.
  • On-demand apps customization.

Frequently asked questions

Ringotel Shell is an advanced mobile integration that works with any phone system that supports a standard SIP protocol. It brings feature-rich mobile and desktop apps for employees so that they can stay connected and more productive on the go while keeping their extensions with them, wherever they are.

As an administrator, you’ll get access to Ringotel admin portal, where you’ll need to specify the provisioning settings, add or import users, optionally setup dial plans. Don’t worry, it takes less than 5 minutes before you can actually make calls and communicate with your colleagues. Learn more.

Ringotel Shell works with any phone system that supports a standard SIP protocol.

The privacy of calls, chats and files between team members ensured by the standard TLS protocol while sessions are encrypted by AES-256 cipher. If your SIP server supports SIP over TLS connection, you can secure your calls by connecting to SIPS port on your server and optionally provide SSL/TLS certificate when creating a connection in your Shell’s admin portal.

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