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Ringotel is a cutting-edge Softphone integration platform that has gained the trust of over 200 VoIP service providers and thousands of businesses across the globe.

Identify Contacts on Incoming and Outgoing Calls

Gain instant access to customer information on incoming and outgoing calls, ensuring that you’re always in the know and can provide personalized customer service.

Access Zoho CRM Contacts from Ringotel Apps

Easily access your Zoho CRM contacts directly from the Ringotel mobile or desktop app, eliminating the need to switch between applications.

Automatically Sync Contacts with Zoho CRM

Ringotel synchronize contacts created within the Ringotel mobile or desktop app with your Zoho CRM, maintaining consistency across systems.

Automatically Create Phone Call Entities on Incoming or Outgoing Calls

Ringotel automatically generates Phone Call entities in Zoho CRM for every incoming or outgoing call with the ability to add context to each conversation by pre-populating the call subject and call comment fields in Zoho CRM with relevant information.

How does it work

1 Create an account

Create a free account and access your softphone provisioning portal.

2 Setup your account

Configure connection to your VoIP infrastructure, then create or import your PBX users.

3 Enable Integration

Enable Zoho CRM integration in just a few clicks by authenticating Ringotel with your Zoho CRM account and mapping Ringotel and Zoho CRM users to enable integration for them.

Frequently asked questions

As an account administrator, you’ll get access to the Ringotel provisioning portal, where you’ll be able provision softphones for your users, preconfigure BLF contacts, enable integrations and other features. It takes only about 10 minutes before you can actually make calls and send messages. Contact our team or book a demo if you’d like to learn more.

Ringotel works with any VoIP system that supports a standard SIP protocol. At the moment, Ringotel successfully works with such PBXs and VoIP platforms as FreePBX, FusionPBX, FreeSwitch, VitalPBX, Askozia, Vodia, PortaOne, Twilio, 3cx, mPBX, 2600Hz KAZOO and more. We are constantly improving interoperability with other VoIP systems. If you want to check if Ringotel supports your system or if you have problems with its configuration – we would love to hear from you!

Ringotel has one of the most reliable push notifications services. Feel free to try it out and experience it yourself!

Ringotel supports multi-tenant systems (such as FusionPBX, for example) out-of-the-box with an unlimited number of domains and no additional cost.

Yes, we offer discounts for VoIP service providers, resellers and IT professionals who resell VoIP services. Learn more on how to become a partner.

Yes, Ringotel supports high-quality 1-on-1 video calling as a standard feature. Video conferencing (meetings) is supported via the Jitsi integration.

Yes, Ringotel apps can be customized according to your brand requirements. Contact us to learn more.

Yes, we provide 24/7 support worldwide through a ticketing system and emergency phone numbers. However, most questions can be answered via live chat, which is open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM UTC.

Ringotel encrypts all communication between the endpoints using the standard TLS and SRTP protocols. It works as a secure VoIP tunnel that routes voice traffic from softphone users to a connected PBX(s), so no need for a VPN or SBC solution. In addition, the communication can be encrypted between a Ringotel server and your PBX via TLS/SRTP. Also, Ringotel encrypts users’ SIP passwords with one-way encryption and generates separate login credentials for the softphone users, so they don’t know their SIP passwords from the PBX. If your organization has specific compliance policies, we offer on-premise deployment within your infrastructure. Please reach out to get help at team@ringotel.co.

Yes! Just contact us and we will reach out to you about our On-Premise License.

Yes! Ringotel provides native apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Yes, what you can do through the Ringotel admin portal, you can do through the API. Use our Admin API to automate provisioning, such as creating Ringotel users when an extension is created on the PBX.

Yes, you can use the Ringotel softphone even without a PBX. When you create a connection, you can select the “Connect to a VoIP provider” option and enter the credentials provided by your VoIP service provider. Then create and assign users who will be able to make and receive calls via the connection. Contact our support team if you need further assistance.

Ringotel works as a secure VoIP tunnel that routes voice traffic from the softphone users to your PBX(s). So the end users will be connected to a Ringotel server, that in turn, will register to the PBX extensions. This architecture offers quite a lot of benefits out-of-the-box. In addition, we offer Ringotel on-premise, so we can install a Ringotel server within your or your customer’s infrastructure and in this way, Ringotel can be conected to the local PBX.

Yes, you can easily enable SMS service for your users via the Messaging API, SIP SIMPLE, or our out-of-the-box SMS integrations with a variety of providers (like Telnyx, Twilio, Bandwidth.com, BulkVS, Skyetel, etc.) and features like group SMS chat, MMS, internal messaging, SMS to Email, and more.

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