Supercharge your VoIP System with state-of-the-art calling, messaging and collaboration features.

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Features overview

Native apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux.
Out-of-the-box integrations with CRMs and Cloud Contacts.
Easy-to-use softphone provisioning via the admin portal or API.
All calls are routed through the connected SIP extension/account.
Real-time presence (BLF).
Advanced call features.
Business SMS with group chats, MMS, SMS to Email, and more.
Call recording and on-demand playback from any device.
Visual Voicemail and Call Parking.
Receive calls and messages anytime with Push-notifications.
Team messaging with personal and group chat, file sharing, and more.
Synchronize external contacts from multiple sources.

Ringotel offers easy-to-use mobile and desktop communication apps with team collaboration, file sharing, SMS and MMS chats, CRM and video conferencing integration, and more.

You can use it on your desktop at work, your tablet at home, or your phone on-the-go. Ringotel provides a reliable and feature-rich solution that can be connected to any existing VoIP system based on the standard SIP protocol.

Ringotel provides the highest security for all business communications and makes implementing the BYOD policy much easier. All calls, chats, and data are encrypted with industry-standard protocols and ciphers.

Softphone Features

Advanced call control features

Blind/Attended Transfer, Conferencing, Call Hold, Call Splitting, Call Merge, Call Waiting, Call Parking, Call Mute.

Business SMS and MMS

Enable SMS messaging with group chats, MMS, internal messages, SMS to Email, and more.

Phonebook integration

Integrate business contacts from multiple sources, such as an XML phonebook, CRM, cloud contacts, APIs, or even personal contacts from a mobile device, and sync them in real-time between users’ devices.

High-quality video calls

Make high-quality 1-on-1 video calls from your mobile or desktop devices with a screen sharing feature.

Call Forwarding rules

Set various call forwarding rules, such as on busy, no answer, unconditional, no registration.

Cloud Call Recording

Cloud Call Recording can work as an addition to your PBX feaure, enabling users to record calls and playback recordings anytime from any device.

Call Switch

Allows you to seamlessly switch an active call between the mobile app, desktop app, or desktop phone and continue the call on another device.

Deskphone integration

In the desk phone integration mode, all outbound calls made from the desktop app will be automatically dialed via the connected IP Phone.

Visual Voicemail

Listen to your voicemails right in the app and be notified about new one with push-notifications.

Visual Call Parking

Call parking has never been easier and more intuitive with one-click parking and retrieving, BLF and parked call notifications.

Push notifications

Never miss a call, message or a voicemail, and save battery life with reliable push-notifications.

Companion mode (“At-the-desk” status)

Reduces distractions by delaying the incoming calls coming to your mobile or desktop devices.


Allows automatic dialing by clicking on the phone numbers in the web browser or other native apps.


Allows to highlight a phone number anywhere on the computer screen and automatically make a call via the Ringotel app.

Speed Dial & BLF

Quickly dial the most frequently used numbers or features with their real-time BLF status.

Custom webpages

Allows to open any webpages inside the app.

Multiple CLI options

Provides a selection of CLI numbers before making an outgoing call. During an incoming call, users can see which number the call is being made to.


Ringotel softphone is more convenient for non-native English speakers, because its user interface has Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, German and Ukrainian localizations.

TLS/SRTP Encryption

All calls, chats, and data are encrypted with industry-standard protocols and ciphers.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts for quick access to softphone functions. For example, answer/end a call, mute, hold, create a new chat or contact, etc.

Collaboration Features

Rich business messaging

Private and group messaging, media and files sharing, Emojis, audio messages, advanced filters and much more for productive work.

Video conferencing integration

Create team meetings with high-quality video and audio, screen sharing, calendar integration, and external invitations.

Presence and Busy Lamp Field

Easily see who’s available to talk, who’s busy, and who’s offline.

Lightweight CRM

Get full context about who you’re talking to with customer profiles and conversations history.

Platform Features

Remote softphone configuration

Reduce manual work for users by remotely configure their softphone setting, like extensions list, BLFs, external contacts, etc.

Welcome emails with QR codes

Simplify installation and setup of softphones for users with automated welcome emails and QR code provisioning.

Users activity and presence

Monitor softphone users presence in real-time, see calls and registration history from the admin portal.

Hosted XML Phonebook

Manage contacts in one place and sync them between users’ devices, including IP Phones and third-party softphones.

Integration with PBX features

Ringotel provides seamless integration with PBX features directly from the softphone user interface.

Centralized phonebook

Import external contacts into a shared directory to become available to all Ringotel users within the organization.

XML remote phonebook

XML remote phonebook feature allows you to access your up-to-date corporate directory from your softphone.

Multiple outgoing CLI numbers

Connect multiple outgoing CLI numbers to users so they can make and receive calls on behalf of other PBX extensions.

Unify users from multiple PBXs

Connect users created on discrete PBXs into a single directory with BLF, instant messaging, conferencing, video calling, and more.

Easy-to-use and flexible dial plans

Strip or change outgoing number prefix, substitute a number or prohibit calls to some destinations – all using an intuitive interface.

Keep SIP credentials secure

SIP credentials are stored encrypted and never shared with anyone, while users login into their apps with auto-generated passwords.

Connect SIP Endpoints

Register any SIP endpoint to the Ringotel platform, like IP Phones, third-party softphones, etc., and securely route voice traffic to your PBX server.

Two-Factor Authorization

2FA adds an extra layer of security on top of your administrator’s login and password, which is a verification code generated by the 2FA-compatible application.

Phone number normalization

Automatically translate a phone number into a standard format to identify contacts stored in the system when the incoming call comes through.

CRM Integrations

Integrate your IP PBX with various CRMs in just a few clicks and automate routine work for the users.

Cloud contacts integrations

Synchronize contacts from the cloud directories, like Google or Microsoft 365, to enable caller identification and contacts synchronization.


Integration with SMS providers

Enable business SMS and MMS for the users in a few clicks without the need to code or maintain the API integration.

Group SMS chats

With group SMS (and MMS), multiple users can be assigned to the same SMS phone number and communicate with the customer in a group, see who is typing a message, and see responses in real time.

Multiple SMS numbers per user

Users will be able to choose from which phone number to send a message and receive replies in the designated chat.

Internal messages

Group SMS chat supports internal messaging where users can send internal messages that are not sent to the customer.

SMS to Email

Users will receive notifications to their email address about missed SMS, voicemails, or calls received while being in the Offline status.


Allows Ringotel users to send and receive SMS through the connected PBX (if it supports SIP SIMPLE)

Messaging API (SMS/MMS)

Messaging API provides a mechanism to send text messages and files to Ringotel users from a third-party web service or application, as well as receive messages and notifications to the specified webhook.


Push notifications to “wake-up” mobile app on incoming calls or message

Switching between Wi-fi/LTE without call interruption

Works behind NAT firewalls thanks to integrated TURN server capabilities

Ringotel apps use less bandwidth thanks to the optimized OPUS codec


CRM and Cloud Contacts integrations

Integrate your IP PBX with various CRMs and cloud directories in a few clicks, to automate routine work for your users and improve customer service.


Opens a specified native application or a URL in the new browser window/tab before or after answering an incoming call.

Admin API

Admin API allows you to administer your Ringotel Shell account from your backend.


SIPTAPI can be used for click-to-call from any TAPI-enabled application, like Microsoft Outlook, and make phone calls via the Ringtel desktop client.

SMTP configuration

Improves deliverability of service emails if your company has a stringent security policy, allowing emails only from a limited list of authorized addresses or domains.

Single Sign-On

Enable Single Sign-On for users with their cerdetials from Microsoft 365 or your own identity provider.

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