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Last update: June 14, 2020

Ringotel Shell is an advanced mobile integration that works with any IP PBX that supports a standard SIP protocol. It brings feature-rich mobile and desktop apps for employees so that they can stay connected and more productive on the go while keeping their extensions with them, wherever they are.

Ringotel Shell provides a number of advantages comparing to its competitors:
  • Ringotel Shell mitigates reliability and security risks when enabling remote work for employees, by standing as a forefront of your existing infrastructure.
  • Implements TURN-server capabilities for reliable connection behind NAT firewalls, preventing calls with no/one-way audio.
  • Supports switching between networks without call disruption
  • Provides stable call quality even on slow Internet using highly efficient OPUS codec
  • Provides reliable push-notifications for incoming calls and messages
  • Provides modern and feature-rich UC and collaboration mobile apps
  • Includes lightweight CRM

There are lots of SIP servers with configurations that might have their specifics when we talk about interconnection. It will be quite difficult and inefficient to test each one by our team, so to ensure that Ringotel Shell works with as many of available solutions as possible we have launched a free beta campaign.

The beta period is expected to last until August 2020.

The pricing will start as little as $5/per users/per month and will include all features available during the beta. There will be a more expensive plan with pro features (like third-party integrations, white-labelling, video conferencing and more). Also, we’re developing a special proposition for small companies.

Your data will remain untouched and you can continue using Ringotel Shell by switching to a paid plan. You will be able to add or remove users anytime as well.

The privacy of calls, chats and files between team members ensured by the standard TLS v1.2 protocol while sessions are encrypted by AES-256 cipher. This is more than enough to keep your data safe.If your SIP server supports SIP over TLS connection, you can secure your calls by connecting to SIPS port on your server and providing an SSL/TLS certificate when creating a connection in your Shell’s admin account.

Yes, you can find it here.

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