Hosted Unified Communications

Provide tailored communication solutions to every challenge your customers meet without major investments into hardware, infrastructure and personnel.

A person talking on the mobile phone with the abstract figure of the server floating behind the clouds.
Mobile phone system

Mobile Phone System

Designed for mobile and remote workforce, Ringotel provides instant access to multiple communication channels and all the relevant customer data. Helping everyone stay connected and productive wherever they are.

Team collaboration

Team collaboration

Ringotel’s collaboration features help companies improve employees teamwork and individual productivity, as well as security of their business communications and data.

Crisis alert

Crisis alert

With Ringotel’s advanced IVR builder and unrivaled omnichannel connectivity, companies can organize and monitor an automated delivery of alerts and messages to the specific groups of employees, and process their responses.

Cutting-edge communication solutions for modern busienss

Offer a personalized solutions to companies, which improve employees’ teamwork and individual productivity, as well as security of business communications and data.

Team Messaging Apps for mobile workforce

Ringotel offers Team Messaging Apps for Business with additional levels of security as a solution to organizing a secure and reliable way of communication for enterprises with strict policies and regulations, providing high availability and privacy to its users.

Messaging apps

Ringotel’s rich feature set brings limitless possibilities

All-in-one Apps

All-in-one Apps

Calls, chats, email, requests from Social Media and Instant Messengers – all communications can be conveniently organized in one single application.

Enterprise class phone system

Enterprise class phone system

Multiple call forwarding rules, call transfer features, call hold, hotline, pickup and hunting groups, and much more.

Built-in premium phone system.

Built-in CRM Features

Ringotel omnichannel solution for customer service unifies calls, chats, emails and customer data so Users of your service can have all information about their customers in a few clicks without switching to another apps.

VoIP equipment

Connect VoIP equipment

Aside from using Ringotel’s native apps, you can connect any third-party softphone and VoIP equipment and easily integrate Ringotel into your company’s existing infrastructure.

Out-of-the-box Integrations

Out-of-the-box Integrations

Ringotel has a number of built-in integrations with different solutions like Zendesk, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and others, for quick and easy deployment within company’s infrastructure.

Voice and chat auto-attendants

Voice and chat bots

With Ringotel’s flexible IVR builder, you can create any kind of scenarios to provide a personalized experience for each customer.

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