Ringotel helps your company to be GDPR compliant

Centralized control over customer data across devices and employees.

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Control customer data across all devices and users

Take full control over your data, calls, message and emails. When you use Ringotel to make business calls or reply to your emails, every piece of vital information stays secured under your centralized control.

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Block acess to Ringotel app and it’s data remotely

Implementing BYOD policy becomes easier with Ringotel. You can block and shutdown active apps on all devices at once for every single user with a few clicks.

Export and delete in a few clicks

Simple tools to export and delete everything you’ve sent or recieved regarding specific person or company.

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Privacy & Security by Design

We’ve built Ringotel according to the highest standards of security and communications.

Export and delete customer data

Using Ringotel to call, chat or send emails, gives you full control over your customers data and the ability to export and delete specific user data from every device in one click.

Securing calls and chats

Every call, message or file transferred via Ringotel is encrypted by default using one of the strongest block ciphers available.

Ringotel’s Servers

We take security very seriously thats why all Ringotel data is stored and processed on highly secured Amazon servers with a very strick acсess rules.

GDPR compliance

Ringotel is GDPR compliant. We’ve designed our platform to meet the requirements of European and US privacy laws, implementing the best practices of security and privacy.

BYOD policy

It is much easier to implement BYOD policy with Ringotel’s mobile and desktop apps. You can revoke user access to the app and its data remotely with a few clicks.

GDPR features

Ringotel includes features that help you easily provide access, correct, erase, restrict and port any user data upon request.

Ringotel’s security policy

Ringotel has very strict internal procedures limiting access to sensitive information. We do not have access to customer data and consider customer privacy as a top priority.

Standards and Protocols

Ringotel utilizes only best industry standards and protocols. Your data and calls will always be secure by HTTPS, WSS, SRTP and TLS protocols.

Data storage

All your data is stored on encrypted AWS databases, which are located in your region, so that no international data transfer occurs.